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Chazon Tekna caters for students from a vast variety of cultural backgrounds, and do not exclusively focus our attention on one segment of the population. We offer classes from
Gr 000 to Grade 12. Our graduates are sought after and have been accepted to top Universities like University of Johannesburg and University of Bloemfontein.



Chazon Tekna opened in 2000 with only a handful of children and we have since grown tremendously. We use the American Accelerated Christian Education system which ensures high quality education based on Christian principles and values.


In our academic school system we teach children the value of planning and preparation. Our children are encouraged to set their own goals for work to be completed each day and they are rewarded when the goal is achieved. This provides an opportunity for children to learn self-discipline and to have pride in what they have achieved.


Our children are the future of our country and we provide a good solid foundation of discipline, dignity and vision. They are able to plan and prepare which is very important in society today. They are also taught computer skills to assure our children will have the best opportunity to keep up with the fast changing technology of their future.


Physical activities:

At Chazon Tekna we promote an active, healthy lifestyle because we know how important physical activity and development are for our children. Our children are taught to compete in good spirit and to work as a team. While they learn competition is a good thing, they also learn if you don’t win, you do it with grace and dignity. With the development of our sport fields we hope to increase our children’s potential by giving them an increased opportunity to develop discipline and leadership qualities.



Chazon Tekna School is registered with the Mpumalanga Department of Education as an Independent School – EMIS number 800030296 - in terms of the South African Schools Act No. 84 of 1996 subsection 46 (3). The school, however, does not receive any government subsidy or assistance.

*South African Christian School Sport Association

Ansia Booyse


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For more information about Chazon Tekna School, please visit: www.chazontekna.co.za

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